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Programs focusing on holistic development

Meticulously Brainstormed Programs Developed Through Research, Innovation & Leaders’ Perspectives

All short-term courses and programs at EduQuest immerse young minds in state of the art development that goes far beyond conventional learning, school curriculums and hands-on training. Our programs encourage students to be their own masters in the quest for excellence.

What Makes EduQuest’s Programs Extraordinary?


Our fine programs and short term courses are end results of collaborative efforts put in by educators, entrepreneurs, academic experts, research scholars, corporate leaders & change makers. Hence, they are inclusive and holistic in every way! 

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Short Term Courses

Future Employability Skills

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Adventure Laden

Programs on Life Skills​

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Pre-College Programs

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Online Courses

Crafted to Hands-On Learning

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Outbound Programs

Globally Accredited Universities

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Personalized Mentoring

Tailored to Unique Student Needs

Explore Your True Passion


Are your career goals in perfect alignment with your true passions and prowess? At EduQuest, all of our programs and short-term courses offer ample room for you to identify your true passion. With experiential learning, you can reflect on your career goals and hence, make informed decisions that empower you to outshine. With EduQuest, expect to find answers to the questions that mean the most to you!

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About Us

EduQuest by Silver Fern Education Consultants re-imagines and re-invents learning from a futuristic viewpoint. EduQuest is a meticulous initiative in the direction of bridging the skill gap in an otherwise capable young generation.

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