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EduQuest by Silver Fern Education Consultants re-imagines and re-invents learning from a futuristic viewpoint. EduQuest is a meticulous initiative in the direction of bridging the skill gap in an otherwise capable young generation. Besides, EduQuest aims to give high school and university students the most uniquely meaningful opportunities for holistic development. Everything at EduQuest is circled around the notion of driving constant innovation to craft multifaceted exposure. Streamlined exposure gives students the confidence to thrive in challenging environments. EduQuest offers a broad spectrum of short courses and programs designed in conjunction with top universities worldwide. You can choose from a wide range of short term courses lasting for a day to two weeks. In an increasingly competitive and globalised world, EduQuest takes learning beyond territorial boundaries.

EduQuest’s vision draws inspiration from Silver Fern Education Consultants’ motto; empowering students to become global leaders. Therefore, EduQuest empowers students through state-of-the-art short online courses and programs mentored by IVY League mentors.  EduQuest is highly ambitious in its objective of making students more competitive in a world becoming increasingly competitive. This amplification of competitiveness and confidence will thrive on finding innovative ways to provide exposure to students. From industrial visits, internship fairs, and leadership conclaves to international programs, the exposure will be unbelievable. 

Some of the brightest minds with the zeal to create massive social impact by offering eventful learning are behind EduQuest. Simply put, EduQuest is about committed leaders coming together to inspire future leaders and change makers. As leaders at Eduquest see it, it is not just a platform to empower students but a way of giving back to society. Leaders of tomorrow will play critical roles in protecting the planet and the future of mankind. Having said that, the leaders of tomorrow must be put to test today to inspire the best in them and Eduquest will do that with precision. What we deliver to students is put to quality checks at every stage in the development process. Eventually, all online courses and programs are improvised upon to craft unique experiences. 

We don’t claim to be the best or over exaggerate ourselves. All that we claim to have is the extensive knowledge of what students must excel in to make a real difference. This knowledge comes from the experience of Silver Fern Education Consultants and our knack for learning every day. It is our confidence in this knowledge and understanding of students’ learning needs that make each of our initiatives worthwhile. 

About Our Programs

Each of our courses is designed keeping in view the value of attaining worthwhile exposure to excel in life. Through our short term courses and programs, we craft experiences that prove pivotal to students’ success. Unlike any other learning platform, EduQuest is not all about academics. 

Exposure, personal development and knowledge enhancement take various forms at EduQuest. Courses at EduQuest offer a blend of academic learning, skill enhancement, cultural exploration and meaningful recreation. 

The notion is not only to help students excel academically. Preparing students for diverse real world scenarios that test their all-round abilities and problem-solving is equally paramount. Simultaneously, it is about imparting positive values, ethics and well-being practices to students.   

We have envisaged our short term courses from the perspective of all relevant stakeholders. These include educators, mentors, students, counselors and employers to make each program comprehensive. Working on what a student takes away from a program is equally paid heed to and is consistently enriched. 

At the same time, we do understand that time is a luxury in this fast-paced world becoming increasingly competitive. Therefore, all our online courses and offline programs are concise enough to fit into students’ otherwise packed schedules easily. 

Courses & Programs Personifying Exposure,  Engagement & Empowerment 

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Virtual & Residential Programs

The types of programs at EduQuest are broadly categorized into online courses, offline boot camps and residential courses. Learning offered by EduQuest is a blend of online classes and real-world exposure.

For instance, how about learning French at a boot camp in a French school? How about learning leadership virtues from Ivy League mentors as a part of a trip to the United States? This is how exceptional and innovative our foresight is for giving students the exposure they can capitalize on for life. The goal is to create rich and conducive environments for development to dwell. 

1-Day to 2-Week Programs

You can choose between programs that last for a day to programs lasting for two weeks. Each course meticulously focuses on practical learning with a forward thinking approach. Whether short term courses are for a day, 4 days or two weeks, experiential learning remains at the epicenter. EduQuest ensures that time constraints don’t hold back your learning.


Inbound & Outbound Programs

The exposure EduQuest offers to students is a mix and match of in-bound and out-bound programs. In our inbound programs, we invite eminent universities and mentors from across the globe to conduct programs in collaboration with us. These programs could be about change leadership, sustainable development goals, creative writing, research and so on.

Such experiences open new avenues for holistic learning from the faculty members at the most prestigious global institutions. Further, our outbound programs introduce students to different verticals of the globalized world by taking them on international/domestic trips. To substantiate, these trips to top-notch institutions across the world are integral to our outbound programs and boot camps.

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About Us

EduQuest by Silver Fern Education Consultants re-imagines and re-invents learning from a futuristic viewpoint. EduQuest is a meticulous initiative in the direction of bridging the skill gap in an otherwise capable young generation.

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